Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hip Replacement Surgery

My hip replacement surgery is on Wednesday so I've been preoccupied with that.  Getting some meals in the freezer, paying the bills, getting the animals to the vet, shopping for staples, trying to get the house clean as much as possible within the limitations of my hip and organizing medical equipment for my recovery.  It's all so overwhelming and I don't feel like I can possibly get every done in time.  The worst and best part has been finding out that I'm anaemic.  The treatment sure wasn't pretty but I lived through the allergic reaction and I'm feeling like I have so much more energy.  I knew I was sick and tired.  I just didn't know I was really sick and therefore tired.  Soon I shall have a functioning hip and be able to clean and organize and decorate my new house the way I wish.

I was speaking to Joe's Mom on the phone today.  She reminded me of the old days when you went into hospital the day before the surgery and you were prepared by a nurse.  Now I have to be there at 6 am and have a disinfecting shower the night before and the morning of.  I remember when I was little and went in to have my tonsils out.  My Dad snuck in a little box of chocolates.  He was always doing that for me..."Don't tell your Mother."  That one really backfired for both of us.  I couldn't sleep during the night.  I got up and ate them all.  The surgeon said I threw up chocolate all during the surgery which made it really difficult.  My throat was a lot more sore and Mom gave him hell.  I was probably too young to understand I shouldn't eat anything, even if I had been told and Dad obviously didn't think it through.  Ahhh, he was a great Dad though.

Hopefully, everything with this surgery will go smoothly.  Wish me luck!