Monday, February 15, 2016

A Belated Valentine's Day

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.  It was eventful here at the Vicarage.  Nothing is ever easy but it's certainly never boring.

We woke up yesterday to a house that was a couple degrees above freezing.  Yep, we let the propane run out again.  Again?  Yes, again.   I will fix that tomorrow.  Pay my extra large bill for an emergency delivery on a Sunday and set up a delivery schedule.  Lesson learned.

So my morning was spent snuggling under the covers keeping warm. Then it was time to exchange Valentine's presents.  I got Joe a card from the puppies and the kitties.  I could tell he really liked it.  His gift to me was taped up and my poor arthritic hands just couldn't do it.  Of course, I was using a pen to try to cut the tape.  Joe took it to open and slipped.  He stabbed the pen between his thumb and first finger.  The cut was deep so we ended up at the ER.  Five stitches and some shots later; his hand is wrapped up like a mummy and doesn't hurt very much because he's a man!

The special dinner I was planning was pushed back to 8 pm minus all the frills but excellent nonetheless.  I had bought a whole beef tenderloin a few weeks ago and had taken off a nice sized roast and some lovely steaks.  The roast was delicious and tender as butter.  We really enjoyed it.  I don't mind leftovers tonight at all.

I'll be posting more as we start working on the house.  I've been picking out paint colours, YAY!  I've also been busy working on setting up an Etsy shop but more on that later.

Julie xo