Sunday, August 21, 2016

Country Corner No. 1

On Sundays, I'm going to share some photos of the countryside that I see on a daily basis.  This first series is a farmstand I haven't visited yet but I will soon.

Wouldn't you love those egg signs in your kitchen?

Have a nice evening,

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Tragically Hip

Tonight, our national television station, the CBC will be broadcasting what will most likely be the last concert performed by The Tragically Hip.  If you don't know who the Hip are, then, you are obviously not Canadian.  They are our best kept secret.  They are the most amazing band which is fronted by the most amazing poet of our times, Gord Downie.

The reason this may be their last concert is that Gord has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.   This deadly cancer will kill this amazing man and the whole of Canada is grieving as well as celebrating with him while we still can.

It seems everyone has a favourite Hip song, mine is Bobcaygeon.  This band is the very essence of Canada and we seem to have their words and music woven into the very fabric of our lives as though by magic.  If you haven't experienced The Tragically Hip, it's not too late.  Click on this link to find out how.

Check out their music...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hip Replacement Surgery

My hip replacement surgery is on Wednesday so I've been preoccupied with that.  Getting some meals in the freezer, paying the bills, getting the animals to the vet, shopping for staples, trying to get the house clean as much as possible within the limitations of my hip and organizing medical equipment for my recovery.  It's all so overwhelming and I don't feel like I can possibly get every done in time.  The worst and best part has been finding out that I'm anaemic.  The treatment sure wasn't pretty but I lived through the allergic reaction and I'm feeling like I have so much more energy.  I knew I was sick and tired.  I just didn't know I was really sick and therefore tired.  Soon I shall have a functioning hip and be able to clean and organize and decorate my new house the way I wish.

I was speaking to Joe's Mom on the phone today.  She reminded me of the old days when you went into hospital the day before the surgery and you were prepared by a nurse.  Now I have to be there at 6 am and have a disinfecting shower the night before and the morning of.  I remember when I was little and went in to have my tonsils out.  My Dad snuck in a little box of chocolates.  He was always doing that for me..."Don't tell your Mother."  That one really backfired for both of us.  I couldn't sleep during the night.  I got up and ate them all.  The surgeon said I threw up chocolate all during the surgery which made it really difficult.  My throat was a lot more sore and Mom gave him hell.  I was probably too young to understand I shouldn't eat anything, even if I had been told and Dad obviously didn't think it through.  Ahhh, he was a great Dad though.

Hopefully, everything with this surgery will go smoothly.  Wish me luck!

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Belated Valentine's Day

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.  It was eventful here at the Vicarage.  Nothing is ever easy but it's certainly never boring.

We woke up yesterday to a house that was a couple degrees above freezing.  Yep, we let the propane run out again.  Again?  Yes, again.   I will fix that tomorrow.  Pay my extra large bill for an emergency delivery on a Sunday and set up a delivery schedule.  Lesson learned.

So my morning was spent snuggling under the covers keeping warm. Then it was time to exchange Valentine's presents.  I got Joe a card from the puppies and the kitties.  I could tell he really liked it.  His gift to me was taped up and my poor arthritic hands just couldn't do it.  Of course, I was using a pen to try to cut the tape.  Joe took it to open and slipped.  He stabbed the pen between his thumb and first finger.  The cut was deep so we ended up at the ER.  Five stitches and some shots later; his hand is wrapped up like a mummy and doesn't hurt very much because he's a man!

The special dinner I was planning was pushed back to 8 pm minus all the frills but excellent nonetheless.  I had bought a whole beef tenderloin a few weeks ago and had taken off a nice sized roast and some lovely steaks.  The roast was delicious and tender as butter.  We really enjoyed it.  I don't mind leftovers tonight at all.

I'll be posting more as we start working on the house.  I've been picking out paint colours, YAY!  I've also been busy working on setting up an Etsy shop but more on that later.

Julie xo